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The terrace of the Unit Room of Marseilles will be opened the visitors established as space for exhibitions of contemporary art, an initiative of the designer Ora-Ïto. The famous terrace of Cité Radiuse designed by Le Corbusier, it was sold to the French artist in 2010, after being several years without use and plunged in an outpost been of deterioration for lacking during a lot of time of works of maintenance.

Photography ©FLC

Ora-Ïto tackled the task of restoration of the terrace to establish in his facilities a center of art that has rooms of outdoor exposure, a cafeteria, a shop and rooms for artists. The explanatory space names I SUCK, a game of words born of the conjunction of Marseilles and Modulor. The new museum of Marseilles travels deeply the roots of the modern architecture to produce honoring to a building and to an architect.

His opening became effective in the last June by an exhibition of the French sculptor Xavier Veilhan, author of the  “Architectones”, facilities developed particularly for architectural sites. Between the works that the artist exhibits in the terrace of Cité Radiuse there can see a bust of Le Corbusier, a virtual plane defined by faeces of lines named the beams and a mobile hanger in the gymnasium, besides the stable equipment of the terrace.

The sample formed a part of the event Marseilles Cardinal 2013 of the culture. Simultaneously to the sample, the MOMA Museum of Modern Art of New York, Corbusier presented a retrospective on the work of Him.

Marcelo Gardinetti, Architect

La Plata, Argentina. january 2014


Photography: ©FLC/ADAGP

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