The society of the Spectacle. Guy Debord

In 221 paragraphs classified under nine chapters, Debord plans the development of a modern company in which

“Everything what once was lived directly has turned into a mere representation”.

Debord argues that the history of the social life can be understood as

“the decline of being in having, and of having in simply seeming”.

This condition in which the social authentic life has replaced with his represented image, according to Debord, that

“the historical moment in which the goods complete his settling of the social life”.

The spectacle is the reversed image of the company in which the relations between goods have supplanted relations between the people, in whom the passive identification with the spectacle supplants genuine activity.

“The spectacle is not a collection of images”,

Debord writes,

“on the other hand, is a social relation between the people who is half-full for images“.

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