I Edifica. Nearly Null, Passive and Healthy Consumer Buildings Fair (ECCN)

Pamplona will host in June the celebration of ‘Edifica’, the first event at national level on Passivhaus and Almost Consumption Buildings (ECCN)

This fair-meeting will take place on June 28, 29 and 30 in Baluarte and will gather more than 5,000 people, including professionals and users, reaffirming Navarra as a national benchmark in Nearly Null and Sustainable Consumption Buildings.

The final objective of the fair is that the sector of the construction of consumption almost null finds with the big public and the final user in a fair thought especially for it.


Pamplona will be transformed during three days in the most sustainable city of the State. The 1st Edition of ‘Edifica’, the Fair of Nearly Null Consumption, Passive and Healthy Buildings (ECCN). A meeting forum that will bring together for the first time all the agents of sustainable building and the end user so that they can experience the increase of comfort, comfort, health and energy saving of the “Passivhaus” homes. This pioneering event in Spain will take place on June 28, 29 and 30 at the Navarra Congress and Auditorium Palace, Baluarte.

The ECCN are homes “with high energy benefits, low consumption, comfortable and healthy”, which make it possible for a single-family house to have a consumption of 300 euros per year in heating, cooling and hot water.

Luis Antonio Martínez general secretary of the Consortium Passivhaus-ECCN, explained at a press conference that in the next two years Spain will have more than 5,000 certified homes, while Navarra will end 2018 with about 1,000 with this passivhaus certification.

This meeting is organized by the Consortium Passivhaus-ECCN, an association that brings together the 25 leading companies of Sustainable Building of Almost Null Consumption, with the collaboration of two of its main partners; Rockwool Peninsular, with plant in Caparroso and Navarra company Onhaus Global Sistem. It also has the institutional support of the Government of Navarra, Nasuvinsa and the City Council of Pamplona.

The event, in which the program of the event was announced, was attended by Luis Antonio Martínez, General Secretary of the Passivhaus-ECCN Consortium; Koldo Monreal, vice-president of Passivhaus Consortium-ECCN and manager of Onhaus Global Sistem; and Miguel Rodríguez, coordinator of ‘Edifica‘ and responsible for prescription of Rockwool Spain, who have exposed the initiative and its objectives.

“Edifica is the place where the public, for the first time in Spain, will meet the building industry. The fair has the necessary content for this meeting to take place, this dialogue between them, and the end user can express their concerns and ask questions to the ECCN sector”,

says Martínez.

This meeting comes at a time when Directive 2010/31 / EU of May 19, 2010 on the energy efficiency of buildings, establishes that as of December 31, 2020, all new buildings are consumer buildings. of energy almost null, advancing this obligation on December 31, 2018 to all buildings BUILT by the administrations and public ownership..

Navarra with respect to the rest of the autonomous communities is a national benchmark in sustainable building and energy efficiency. For this reason, Pamplona has been the place chosen by the Passivhaus-ECCN Consortium to celebrate this event.

“It was very easy for us to decide where to hold this fair. Naturally, Pamplona or Navarra emerged, where the public is more identified with the “Passivhaus” philosophy. The place where the greatest number of economic activity is concentrated, of competitive updating of the companies of the building sector, and where the sector has to demonstrate to the end user, with real cases, how is the type of housing in which he has to live and he will live in the future”,

explains the general secretary of the association.

For his part, the vice president of this association, Koldo Monreal, said that 44% of people do not know what a building of this type is, although European regulations will come into force on January 1, 2019.

Therefore, the fair aims to be a showcase for citizens, something that will be done through five scenarios, the first of which will be a fair with its stands of advanced product of high energy performance. Products that the user will find in these buildings and can recognize and demand at the fair. Nearly 40 companies have confirmed their attendance.

The second scenario will be an ECCN house that will be built in the Plaza de Baluarte and that will be able to visit attendees in a guided way to check “what’s inside” on the spot, and that will also have passive systems in which cars can be loaded electric that will also be in the square. This house can be visited in a guided way by the general public and basic technical training will be given to know that it is a building of passive houses.

The third stage will be two parties: the first aimed at professionals in the sector, and promote relationships and the exchange of projects, in a unique environment in the center of the city. The second party is aimed at the general public and will take place on Saturday morning in Baluarte with free admission.

The fourth stage will be 3 live debates, about the institutional dimension of the city, the health and comfort of the end user.

The fifth stage will be intended to listen to the final audience. For this, a virtual space will be enabled to bring the fair through the Social Networks to the general public to know their concerns and needs regarding the ECCN.

Finally, the responsible of prescription of Rockwool Spain and coordinator of Edifica, Miguel Rodríguez, has highlighted the expectation generated by the event:

“The main objective of this fair is to translate a technical language of the Almost Null Consumption Building into a colloquial language. That is to say, that all the public of a “Passivhaus” building knows what it is, how these buildings are, what materials they have and how they are placed. On the other hand, doing it in a festive and participatory way where people can enjoy the sustainable building by learning.”

To conclude his speech, Miguel Rodríguez has highlighted the possibility of reconverting existing buildings in “Passivhaus” buildings,

“Navarra is also spearheading the energy rehabilitation of buildings, there is a very good management of rehabilitation aids and we have important demonstration examples at the national level, such as the Efidistrict de la Chantrea neighborhood. Therefore, this fair is not only focused on the construction of new ECCN but also on the possible rehabilitation of existing buildings to convert them into zero consumption homes”.

Access to the fair is free, but to attend you must register in advance in the web Consortium Passivhaus-ECCN, www.consorciopassivhaus.com

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