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The Galescola placed in a rural environment in Cotobade’s town hall, is an infantile school concebida as a building ground floor developed in form to annul about a central court, discreet and sober in that stand out five buckets of wood that shelter the classrooms as principal elements of the project.

The place

The area chosen for the construction of the Galescola forms a part of the school existing complex in Tenorio’s parish. It is placed in an environment of rural character in which they predominate over the meadows, gardens, small one-family housings and a small forest.

The equipment

An infantile school is a center of attention to the infancy with a double function: educational and welfare, giving a great social service that covers the needs of conciliation of the labor and familiar life. It is the place of transition between the familiar environment and the life in company, where the children complement and extend the education given by his families.

The project

The principal idea is to achieve that the children make his the building, which they it sit as his second house. It is here where they start developing the concept of independence, some relate to others, the respect is formed towards the others, they share sensations, investigate, snoop, create, imagine…

One proposes a building in ground floor, developed in form to annul about a central court, easy perception and internal control that guarantees the safety of the children but in turn is projected as an agreeable, enterteining and happy place by rich spaces in sensitive perceptions. A place with multitude of environments. Big and small, opened and enclosures, high and low, soft and hard. A place with few restrictions for the children in order that the curiosity and the orientation is promoted.

The classrooms are conceived as the principal pieces of the project, the origin of the building and on that the building is structured and organizes. Externally they materialize as five “buckets” of wood of cedar orientated in the southern part and with conference towards the mountains that maclan by means of a lower white volume of horizontal character that shelters other uses of the Galescola. These buckets, some arrange parallel between yes and lightly displaced with regard to others to adapt to the plot, giving place to a broken profile.

The classrooms arrange according to ages, placing the babies’ classroom (0-1 years) more near the foyer and the teachers’ zone with possibility of freeing her of the rest, since there is understood that the children of this age take a pace different from the rest.

Each of the classrooms is identified by a different color. It is divided in three zones, a bathroom that is like another bucket inside the own bucket that forms the classroom, the lowest and closed zone of rest that the classroom to give him a more intimate character, and finally the zone of games or I creep higher, luminous and diaphanous, with direct exit to the own court of every classroom across a small covered zone of transition.

The access from the interior to all the classrooms, realizes across the gallery of games that he understands himself as a space that works so much as corridor of communication as of space of interior game overturned visually to the central court. The broken profile that the classrooms form and the color different from each one gives place to a richer gallery of games spatially, on having left the structure of linear corridor.

As for the exterior spaces, since it has been said previously, they are fundamental in this project. They must be understood as one more space.

The central court is an exterior partially covered space that relates visually the different zones of the building, creating a global image of the Galescola, as if it was the only space. It is characterized by the walls of concrete, the big windows and a sand-dealer. The zone most near the classroom of multiple uses covers with a light and diaphanous structure of girders of wood and panels of polycarbonate to extend the zone of games in the rainy days.

Towards the south there place the courts of every classroom that possess an opened character and are related to the exterior immediate space across a permeable closing. These courts have two differentiated zones, the zone of games with lawn more near the classroom, and a zone of garden more near the wall of closing in the one that arranges a cherry-tree.

The lateral court placed in the zone this one of the building, is a more wide court in which the games and another sand-dealer place being directly communicated by the room multiuses. His relation with the exterior is like that of the courts of classrooms, across a closing that allows a visual communication avoiding this way the isolation of the children.

Towards the west the garden of entry places acting as filter between the street and the access to the building. A covered porch acts as prolongation of the interior foyer and allows to wait for the parents protected from the rain.

The color is another fundamental element in the project. In the exterior it is played of a way controlled with the natural color of the wood of cedar to emphasize the volumes of the classrooms as principal elements of the project I concern of the rest of the building that makes up of white color or the concrete is left dress in the central court. The exterior carpentries lacadas in the dark gray one give unit to the whole exterior set. In the interior, every classroom is identified by a different color being reflected in the small box of the bathroom and in the interior carpentry. The rest of paraments treat each other with neutral colors: white, gray and beige.

Work: Galescola for attention to the infancy of 5 units.

Authors: Xavier Pousa Arbones + Lara Leal Fernández (XL arquitectos)

Collaborators: Ana Fernández Fernández (architec), Jonathan Comesaña Gesteira (draughtsman), Juan Montenegro Pérez (engineer)

Promoter: Consorcio Galego de Servizos de Igualdade e Benestar.

Contractor: UTE Movexvial-Hidromiño

Year: 2009

Location: Lugar de Lérez, parroquia de Tenorio, Cotobade. Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

Photographies: Xavier Pousa Arbones

+ Prize

Winning work of the contest for to production do proxecto and to execution placed Galescola gives work dunha not Lérez’s place, Tenorio’s parish, concello of promoted Cotobade by Consorcio Galego de Servizos deIgualdade e Benestar.

Obra: Galescola para atención a la infancia de 5 unidades.

Autores: Xavier Pousa Arbones + Lara Leal Fernández(XL arquitectos)

Colaboradores: Ana Fernández Fernández(arquitecta)

Jonathan Comesaña Gesteira (delineante)

Juan Montenegro Pérez (ingeniero)

Promotor: Consorcio Galego de Servizos de Igualdade e Benestar.

Contratista: UTE Movexvial-Hidromiño

Año: 2009

Emplazamiento: Lugar de Lérez, parroquia de Tenorio, Cotobade .Pontevedra. Galicia. España

Fotografías: Xavier Pousa Arbones

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