DIM Party. International day of the Museum 2012. Marco

As every year from 1977, the ICOM (International Advice of Museums) invites to the museums of the whole world to celebrating on May 18 the International Day of the Museum, created to promote the general interest for the management and the activities of the museums and centers of art. The motto for the DIM 2012 is ” Museums in a changeable world. New challenges, new inspirations “, that centres so much on the growth of the museums and the construction do on his future, since on the possibilities opened by the social networks and the new electronic mass media.

Once again, the MARCO adds to this celebration and offers a special programming on Friday, the 18th and Saturday, the 19th of May, with activities for public of all the ages, which add to the exhibitions that appear in rooms:

PRESENCE ACTIVATES. Action, object and public, in the ground floor

Performance and installation are based on the same beginning of presence; of active presence. This exhibition approaches different possibilities of relation between both artistic disciplines. His aim is the confluence of performance and installation in a many-colored landscape of dynamic facilities activated by the artists and / or the public, inside the spaces of the museum.

AMAYA GONZALEZ KINGS. To enter the work, to lose () in her, in the first plant

Amaya Gonzalez Kings reserves for the spectator an own space and calls on it to decipher the obsessions of the artist. A set of works that, from the central idea of loss, refer to games of meaning, to contradictory or complementary sensations, to the dilemma between feeling and reason, on line with the inconformity and ambivalence that they are typical of his work. [They will be last days to visit this sample, which is closed on Sunday, the 20th of maio]

Close to the visits guided to the exhibitions, the programming of the DIM 2012 in the FRAME includes workshops Xabarín18 for infantile public, concerts of chamber music in collaboration with the Professional Conservatoire of Music of Vigo, the presentation of the last pop video of the Galician group Holywater, and a new attempt of record of ‘ Only of guitar any more I never talk interpreted ‘ on the part of Gabriel Domínguez in Thom Kubli’s piece. For your part, the Friends of the MARCO will have the opportunity to demonstrate his endowments playing the role of reporters for one day, and as special occasion in this Holiday DIM, there will be realized a drawing of two nights in the Hotel I MARK between all the visitors during the weekend. In addition, the shop – bookshop restarts his activities under the new name RESCRÓMICA.

Marco Vigo

Príncipe 54 | 36202 Vigo

Date: on May 18, 2012 – May 19, 2012

Place: assembly hall and rooms of exposicións

Cost: free and free entry

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