So they say · Carlos Quintáns Eiras

On Thursday, the 20nd of Juny them 20:00h, in the ground floor of  [NO IMPORTA] the first session of the So they say cycle, the guest will be Carlos Quintáns Eiras. The session will divide in the half hour of presentation of the architect and other thirty minutes of informal colloquium with the public.

So they say is a cycle of meetings – colloquia in which there will take part Galician architects belonging to different generations with the intention of presenting a wide spectrum of approaches of the discipline: construction, teaching, spreading, investigation and hybridization with other fields. In all the cases, the backdrop will be a reflection it brings over of the paper of the architect in the current moment and his multiple redefinitions.

Carlos Quintáns Eiras. His labors


SO THEY SAY · Carlos Quintáns Eiras

Thursday on Juny 20 20:00 – 21:00h

aforo limitado – entrada gratuita

[NO IMPORTA] taller creativo

C/San Andrés 46 planta Baja

La Coruña [Spain]


Alberto Alonso Oro []

Maria Olmo Béjar + Borja López Cotelo []

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