In Juan Daniel Fullaondo´s Class room (II) | José Ramón Hernández Correa

In Juan Daniel Fullaondo´s Class room (I) | José Ramón Hernández Correa

Another day I told you average how I amended my first horrible project. I am going to explain the delivery to you.

Once spent the second round of sketch, with the consent (excessive and undeserved) of Fullaondo, I applied myself to drawing already in I clean the sheets that it was going to present.

In a group of grafistas virtuosoes my sheets were pobretonas: line of ink on grease-proof paper. At least they were drawn carefully and cleanliness.

The do of chest it was meeting on the final leaf: a conical perspective drawn to Indian ink to hand lifted (my lifted hand) on paper of sketch. It seemed to me that in this rough and coarse paper the drawing was remaining graceful, and that to give pencil of color ahead and behind it was creating an effect of depth, due to the difference of intensity and brightness between both faces, for the turbidity of the paper. Even I him put felt-tip pens. I believed that the final effect was like of “careful carelessness” or of “I it is that I am like that of directly , but, remembered now, it must have belonged like to outstanding pupil of occupational workshop for major. Only he was lacking the stuck macaroni and the little bolls of paper of silver. But the worse thing was that, with everything, it was remaining sluggish and shy.

Fullaondo saw one for one the sheets, celebrating them. He praised an axonométrica with the removed cover and finally, before the perspective chorra, did not say anything. It separated it discreetly of the rest of sheets, which it arranged, grouped and gave for delivered, and returned it to me while he was saying to myself that it was estimating very much my evolution.

One has spoken too much of the gesture of supreme elegance of the general Spinola before Nassau in The Surrender of Breda, of Velázquez:

The Surrender of Breda, by Velázquez

There was not minor that of my teacher returning that sheet to me.

That sad perspective, definitively, had never existed. He neither had seen her I it nor had drawn it. Like, unlike in Impossible Mission, it did not self-destruct, I reduced it to confetti and I believe that I ate up.

I remember also perfectly the second exercise of that Level I, but already I will not bore you with any more details. Yes that I have to say to you that was feeling competent, his that it was drawing every time better, that he was throwing him hours for a pipe, which he was learning increasingly and which he was enjoying as a madman.

Juan Daniel Fullaondo is in the history of the Spanish architecture of the 20th century. (What more values the whole world of it – to my to seem unjustly for the incomplete thing – is his labor as critic and his paper as the director of the magnificent Nueva Forma magazine). For me, one of his better facets was that of teacher. To it me me saved.

Easy what is to examine the work of a pupil and he to be scrubbed for the noses by all his lacks, his infamies, his mistakes and his ignorancias. It it can do anyone. What indeed has merit is to see in him what he does not even see same: To see a possibility, a germ, something in power. And, trusting blind in it, to extract it to the light. It is necessary to be very skilful, very intuitive, very intelligent, very patient, but, especially, very generously.

Difficult what is all that.

Like Michelangelo Buonarroti, was saying that it saw the statue inside the block of stone and that he was limiting itself to taking what was exceeding, this way Fullaondo saw that inside me there was something (that, I repeat, I did not see it not; I less than anybody), and with tenacity and optimism it was extracting it to the light.

But, even better than Michael Ángel, the mission of the teacher is not alone to remove. Also it has to put. To remove prejudices, brakes, infamies, etc, and to put knowledge, skill, skill, etc. The mission of a teacher is sacred in all the orders and all the ages, and if incompetent, awkward, lazy or defeatist can embitter the life and mutilate you forever, the creative, patient and generous one can give you wings.

A few alitas went out for me not to throw rockets to celebrate the great orgy of the architectural talent, but yes to do an ascending career year after year, crowned by a Project End of exciting Career, in which I spent it to myself divinely and with which I went out “for the big door”, that is less that a pupil of architecture deserves after so many years and so much work. The teachers who do not obtain it of his pupils already can bend the ears and to go away to his house not to giving any more for sack.

I not only did an enterteining, happy, happy, successful PFC, etc, but, already put, I registered in doctorate, thing that he had never thought to do and that also I did (with not minor success and happiness) because Juan Daniel Fullaondo threatened me to it.

You can imagine the exciting thing that is to do a doctoral thesis with one of the most educated architects of Europa, who you contributes ideas, it suggests books to you, gives them to you … (it had all: all those of the world).

I will speak more Fullaondo’s times. Several companions of class have read the first part and have commented to me on details that deserve income apart. Yes: Also there are a few hanging hens. Already I will go with them.

Hoy, para terminar, solo quiero decir dos cosas más: La primera es que otros alumnos de otras clases se metían a veces con el “sistema Fullaondo” porque lo veían poco serio. Demasiado jijijí y jajajá. A ellos les medían con escalímetro los anchos de pasillos y las huellas y tabicas, mientras que nosotros hacíamos lo que nos daba la gana. Siempre ha habido una lucha sorda entre Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma. I have to say that, already as professional, I have constructed VPOs observing all his thickest regulation, and I have fulfilled codes of accessibility and CTE without the fact of having been formed with Fullaondo has incapacitated me for it. It is not clear in any site that to be a competent beech that to languish with boring and cruel teachers, not that to learn has one that to be humiliated. I sit it for those who have suffered and suffer impotent, incompetent or sadistic teachers.

I say the second one now with delight, but in his moment it weighed me: It is that Fullaondo had a great weakness as the pupils with a bit of hard face (with the just dose; neither let’s pass). He liked the a bit crafty people, and was estimating the “creative excuses”. Someone that again fell apart in guffaws before an explanation of a pupil who was not delivering him a complete exercise. If this justification was it sufficiently good and ingenious it was costing him more than the own exercise. But I, since it was conscientious and an executor, was getting angry before that he was considering injustices. I was realizing that to me Fullaondo me had favored very much, but I saw that to others it was favoring furthermore. (Will it be possible be more ungrateful?). It made me an architect, made me a doctor and made me a teacher, and, since I said another day, I believe that an alone day does not happen without, at least for an instant, it does not thank him.

José Ramón Hernández Correa · Doctor Architect

Toledo · november 2012

José Ramón Hernández Correa

Nací en 1960. Arquitecto por la ETSAM, 1985. Doctor Arquitecto por la Universidad Politécnica, 1992. Soy, en el buen sentido de la palabra, bueno. Ahora estoy algo cansado, pero sigo atento y curioso.

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