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Finland, this country that suggests us efficiency, solvency, education, high standard of living and a heap of good things, has the the highest “general level” in his population, but it does not have too many brilliant prominent figures in his history. (They are not many inhabitants either they do not even have a lot of time). This way, to prompt boat, two more high places that me they come to the mind are the architect Alvar Aalto and the musician Jean Sibelius.

And, naturally, the country is the proudest of them.

To Aalto they dedicated a stamp of eighty cents of frame in 1976, the year of his death,

Stamp of eighty cents of frame in 1976

and ten years later, in 1986, the ticket of 50 frames.

1986, billete de 50 marcos

Curiously, in both honorings the same building appears. Between the whole Aalto’s, extensive and magnificent work, it was chosen in both occasions the Finland Talo (that, for what I see in all the books, knows itself that it is necessary to to translate the Spanish as Finland Hall), in Helsinki. It is a fantastic conference hall with room of concerts, which is located to the shores of the Lake T öö lö and forms a part of an ambitious urban development plan of the own Aalto for a new urban center of the capital.

Alvar Aalto is an architect who is characterized by his constant and wise attention to the materials, for the respect with which it was treating them and for the adequacy of these to the idea of the project and, especially, to the climate.

So much it was worrying the architect how they would endure the different materials before the fierce Finnish climate, which in his refuge – little house of field in Muuratsalo had a wide sample of all of them, to study his behavior and, come the case, to suffer his consequences in own meat before using them for others.

The experimental house in Muuratsalo’s island (Finland) constructed between 1952 and 1953 is the best example of Alvar Aalto’s residential architecture

Bricks of different classes, pieces of cooked, vitrified clay, enameled, wood treated about this one or that way… He was Studying in his own house the behaviors of the different materials and the problems that were giving. It was proving new solutions at the time and was turning them to testing.

To this I am called it an honesty. (And more now, that there is so many idea genialoide and so many irresponsible occurrence of the conceited star).

But, look where, in the Finland Talo the honest architect, the responsible man, it had a moment of weakness and succumbed. That so big, so important, so plastic building, it had to have a pure, luminous image … white! Shining!

Finlandia Talo

Against the idea that we we all have of a dark Finland, this building is the light. Alvar Aalto plated it completely of Carrara’s white marble, which impressed him very much when he visited Italy. (If already he was saying, deservedly, that did not have to look at buildings of other places and epochs, because they were influencing him very much. But what we are going to do to him. Up to the best notary he throws a blot).

Really, this marble gives him to the building an extraordinary quality, and a color and a texture that they are worth it… That are worth it of that the rosy-cheeked one goes away to the bludgeon from time to time.

El mármol de Carrara no puede soportar las temperaturas de Helsinki, que oscilan entre 22º en verano (llegando ocasionalmente a 30º) y -10º en invierno (llegando ocasionalmente a -30º). El mármol es poroso y deja entrar la humedad, que se congela en su interior y lo revienta.

When I visited it, the guide was making clear to us that every five years there was that rechaparlo completely. Do not be what wanted to say exactly, because I do not admit that every five years him of a revision. (In this case at the age of four and ten months it would be filthy). Probably it wanted to say that constant the torn pieces are revised and replace, and that it thinks that in five years they all have been replaced.

In any case, to nobody it has happened to change this material that so many war gives and so many expenses it causes.

It is more: what yes it has happened to them it is does to him an honoring (to the building and to Aalto), that consists of a species of “walk of the memory”.

I am thinking about remembering (and I ask, please, if some reader knows it to comment) that summoned a contest to honour Alvar Aalto with some sculpture, or “to “complete” the Finland Talo with some treatment in the park of face, and that to a sculptor (I would say that Japanese, and great lament not to find it for google) happened to him to do a series of cylinders of ferralla that were filling with the chunks of marble that they were taking from themselves of the building.

To honour Alvar Aalto in the park of faces to Finland Talo

We see a line of cylinders marking a way, a walk. I joust opposite the front of the Finland, remembering him on one hand, to the own Alvar Aalto, since to the Roman emperors: “that you are mortal”, and, remembering us for other one, to all of us, that the time everything destroys it and kills it, and that the line of cages of ferralla with the chunks of marble marks a walk of the memory, a line of the death, of the failure and of the defeat. But also it indicates to us that to another side, just person should face, the Finns continue and they will continue re-plating the Finland Hall because they love it, because they put it in stamps and tickets, because they are proud of him and of his author, because the contract with Carrara’s quarries is a price that the Finnish pride can allow him, because to exhibit the mistake serves to learn of him, because the building is more beautiful every day and because, though the death is a certainty ineluctable, the resurrection is always a question of love and of will.

José Ramón Hernández Correa
Doctor Architect and author of Arquitectamos locos?
Toledo · august 2013

José Ramón Hernández Correa

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