Design and visual communication. Contribution to a methodology proyectual

Diseño y comunicación visual. Contribución a una metodología proyectual

What is a good design? Slightly beautiful or slightly suitable? This book compiles 50 lessons that Bruno Munari gave in the decade of the sixties in the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts of Cambridge (Massachusetts). They were years of rapid transformations for the graphical design, which scarcely had started being professionalized and already having to approach fundamental questions as the relation between art and design or between crafts and industry.

Munari raised a deep change of frame on having tried to overcome the academicismo and his beautiful / beautiful binomial and to plead, on the other hand, for the beginning of formal and functional coherence and the guessed right / erroneous binomial. The elements of this transformation were translated in a new approximation into the beginning, laws and possible accomplishments of the graphical design, and into an opportune reflection on the didactic methodologies of the visual communication.

With almost fifty years of history, this book forms a part already of the imaginary one of several generations of designers and teachers. This new edition, examination and updated, recovers so a historical and fundamental contribution to understand the investigation and the practice of the design in his more wide sense.

Bruno Munari (Milán, 1907–1998) was a designer, poet, sculptor, pedagogue and author of infantile books and tests. Linked to the futurist movement from 1927, it developed his activity in the diverse fields of the graphic design, the industrial design, the experimentation on materials and technologies, and the projection of objects that were integrating practical usefulness and aesthetic use. Always interested in the search of ways of simplifying and clarifying the process of design, during the last years of his life it centred especially on topics related to the didactics, the psychology and the pedagogy, betting for an education in the design that began in the day-care centers.

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