Critique of Shock

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Plunged and position to the service of the absolutism of the spectacle, the exercise of the critique of architecture ranges today, complaisent, between the nostalgia and the farce. Against this passiveness, it is necessary to recover the critique as tool of shock. The critique like state of alert from WHICH to promote the doubt, to question myths and to generate debates. Not to captivate with new dogmas but to destabilize.

Critica de Choque

“In the middle of the ideological shipwreck in this pos-postmodern company, surrounded by her – without – reason of our contemporary culture, there arises the “critic of shock” who manages to go out to the unharmed surface and who attacks cáusticamente against those publications, prizes, constructed works and irreversible functional speeches to the well versed constellation of the stars of the architectural sky.

Fredy Massad exposes with intransigent and sharp words, the manners of offering architecture to this insatiable company of the spectacle, increasingly destructive and that every Monday demands the new thing, the better thing, the fabulous thing.

The critic is like a modern gentleman who, with his word, exposes the skeletons behind the propaganda machinery that does not stop generating cultural products that do not defy the statu quo, in order that everything moves without nothing changes.

It attacks cáusticamente against the consecrated publications, the prizes, the constructed works and the irreversible speeches that are functional to the well versed constellation of the stars of the architectural sky. It exposes with intransigent and sharp words these starchitects and travels the interstices that stop put them of the applauders or of the antisistema. In the middle of the ideological shipwreck in this company pos-pos modern, surrounded for her – without – reason of the cynic postruth, this infamous machine of blurry images predigeridas, there arises this critic of shock who manages to go out to the unharmed surface”.

Edgardo C. Freysselinard, Author of  Fractales de la modernidad, volume I of the same collection, award winner with the Prize DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD, granted in Paris, France, in 2014.

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