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The place.
The future building will occupy a position of edge of the former enclosure walled of the Historical City of Santiago de Compostela, in direct relation with elements of special relevancy in the city: the Avenue, the Stony Mount or the Plaza of the Obradoiro; milestones edificatorios as Fonseca’s Country house, the Hotel of the Kings Católicos, Raxoi’s Country house, the Faculty of Medicine; the religious constructions that have determined the history of the city, the Cathedral and the Convents of San Francisco, St Martin Pinario and San Pelaio.


The lot.
From the movement towards the suburbs of the city, in the areas occupied from the 50s by the General Hospital of Galicia and his annexes, there is approved a reorganization of uses and properties in which the maintenance is foreseen on behalf of the original building and there foresee two new administrative equipments, a lot destined for the Center of Health of the Historical City and two lots of residential private use, one with opposite to the street Galleys and other one of linear character that thinks up transversely along the area in direction north – south and that is an object of the present project.

The lot, of approximate dimensions 160×16 meters it turns into a linear element of high dimension, which puts in relation his volumetry with other pieces of the historical environment, as the residential wing of the Convent of St Martin Pinario or other constructions of character murario of the plot edificatoria surrounding.

The building.
The ordinance of application forces the escalonamiento of the building in his longitudinal direction, provoking a silhouette cut away in relation with the habitual continuity of cornices in the historical buildings. In response to it one proposes a volume that proposes flat covers that in continuity of the spaces under cover the linearity of the set promotes avoiding troubled solutions in the possible resultant testeros of a configuration of sloping cover.

The promoter, a set of 81 citizens grouped in cooperative, demands units of housing with a high standard of lighting and natural ventilation, point of item that contrasts with the opaqueness and the limited percentage of hollows typical of the traditional surrounding buildings. From it the front is formed formally proposing the total opening of the spaces of front towards the exterior, with the consequent utilization of the natural light and of the sights that the situation of the building makes possible, the set being tinted by an exterior granitic element in brise soleil that at the same time as he contributes to a better solar control and to tinting the visual relation of the interior of the housings with his immediate environment, contributes a major weight to the set, putting it in relation to the solutions murarías, habitual in the plot where the building is inserted. Additional the cover of the building is foreseen, as one more front of the building, in relation by the historical city to major level, using materials of ended in continuity with the same one, and minimizing the presence of the general facilities of the building, reducing them to the obliged elements of ventilation of the set, gathering in crowds to obtain major dimension and to fit his scale to that of the set.

Regarding the organization hospitalizes of the building, one proposes a porch in the front that he leads to the different portals in which one organizes the building. This element uses as filter in the relation publicly – privately, sheltering also a transverse pedestrian public step across the ground floor of the building. The interior of each one of the units of housing is individualized from the particular demands of each one of the promoters, distinguishing the solutions up to obtaining 16 tipologías of housing different.

Work: Cooperative of housings Galeras-Entrerríos.
Location: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Architects: Carbajo Barrios Arquitectos. Manuel Carbajo Capeáns, Celso Barrios Ceide.
Master builder: Enrique Martínez Carregal
Engineer: Obradoiro Enxeñeiros. Carmelo Freire Beiro.
Collaborators: Ismael Ameneiros. Santiago Rey. Calculation structures, Ricardo Tubío. Xabier Rilo. cenlitrosmetrocadrado. Signal design, David Camiño. Laura Pardo. Delineation.
Chief of work: María Blanco Dosil
Manager: Santiago García Outeiral
Promoter: Galeras Entrerríos Sociedade Cooperativa Galega
Management of the cooperative: Arial Dirección y Gestión de Cooperativas
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

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