Wittgenstein House

This house, support of a philosophical constructed truth, stays beyond the nature and the city. It is an entity that tries to reflect the truth, and this cleanliness and objectivity is his interior content. The Neue Sachlichkeit stays inagurada simultaneously that the house, and Hartlaub and Grosz found in the Tractatus one of his intellectual supports. The house, with this form of objectivity, approaches both ends of the personal thing in Wittgenstein measuring, looking that exists of all and of every person in every part of the city: the ideas that stroll around up to finding a fertile mind, the concepts before platonic, the universal thing and the particular thing in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy.

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Búsqueda para satisfacer el conocimiento de la actividad arquitectónica y tangentes que se generan. La idea es crear un espacio para divulgar los diversos proyectos en busca de nueva inspiración y de intercambio.

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