Architectures: Convent of the Tourette by Le Corbusier

Documentary of Channel Art of France on the convent of the Tourette designed by Le Corbusier in Lyons. This work, together with others, marks a point of inflexion in the career of the architect towards the brutalismo, leaving behind the architecture of white and pure planes that characterized his work up to the moment.

In the design it relied on Iannis Xenakis, that it was served the concept of the modulor for the design of the front.

The whole building is organized concerning an interior court. The monastery, in the shape of “C”, embraces to the above mentioned court and the church, with form of box, closes it “C”.

In the work, the protagonist is the concrete, with him there are realized the whole structure of slabs, girders, partitions, box of stairs, columns and walls of load that award to the set a round and heavy aspect.

Name of the series: Architectures
Production: Arte France and Les Films d’Ici.
Director: Richard Copans, Catherine Adda, Frederic Compain, et alt.
Country: Francia
Year: 1995-2005
Duration: 25′

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