The architecture of the humility

My tendency to the design and the art of the images and his sense was born of the interest for the crux of the world and of the life. Any artistic work of fret seems to have his origin in the autobiographical area of the recollections, the experiences and the personal fights. An inherent affinity exists between the world and I, the thought and the form, the images and the words. Wittgenstein recognized it with these words: ” The philosophical work – since in many aspects it happens in the architecture – it consists of working, fundamentally, on one itself. In the own comprehension. In the way of seeing the things… “

Juhani Pallasmaa

Juhani Pallasmaa, born in 1936, architect belonging to the SAFA (Architects’ Finnish Association), honorific member of the AIA (Architects’ American Institute), member distinguished from the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and teacher in Helsinki has exercised the architecture from beginning of the decade of 1960 and in 1983 it founded Pallasmaa Architects. Besides his work as architect, his professional activity has developed in the areas of the urban development planning and of the graphical design, of exhibitions and of products. It has taught architecture in several European, North American and South American universities, and has given conferences all over the world. Pallasmaa has published near thirty books and numerous articles about the philosophies of the architecture and of the art in more than thirty languages. Between other charges, Pallasmaa has been teacher and dean of the Technical University of Helsinki (1991-1997), the director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture (1978-1983) and rector of the Institute of Industrial Arts of Helsinki (1970-1971). He has been a teacher invited in several American universities.

He has written between other works: Conversations with Alvar Aalto (Barcelona, 2010); The Thinking hand: Embodied and Existential Wisdom in Architecture (London, 2009); Encounters: Architectural Essays (Helsinki, 2005); The Eyes of the skin: the architecture and the senses (Barcelona, 2006); and Animal architects (Lanzarote, 2001).

Author: Juhani Pallasmaa

Traduction: Albert Fuentes

The director of the collection: Luís Martínez Santamaría

Collection: la cimbra

Nº collection: 8

Theme: test

Year of Edition: 2010

Format: 16 x 22 cm

Pages: 187

Language: spanish

Ilustrations: b/n

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