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The place has everything necessary.

Space, presence, geometry.

It is of these projects that it is more important what you do not do that what you do.

To generate a space to the street, freely, wide and that in final representations of course fills like assembly hall, was the aim.

The rest 3 classrooms of the dimension adapted with 3 different doors that differentiate them, a few bathrooms and the respect to a corporate image already established fuchsia … and his logo highlighted against the inner door of existing wood, a door of other times, a curtain that closes the scene …

Work: Theatrical” Academy. Learning English across the theatre

Autores: Fernando Martínez López and Miguel Carballido Pensado [soma arquitectura]

Collaborators: Inés García Dintén and Susana Vázquez Rodríguez

Promoter: Raquel Feliú Torres. “Theatrical”

Year: 2011

Location: Calle Fernando Macías 19 . A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Builder: Ruraltec

Rigger:Aurelio Gago Losada

Budget: 40.000 euros

Area: 200 m²

Cost / m². 200 euros / m²

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages


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