VIII concurso bienal arquia/tesis. Fallo

The Caja de Arquitectos Foundation has for object promote and promote cultural activities in the field of the architecture. Between these activities one finds the collection arquia/tesis, orientated to the publication of doctoral relevant theses of architecture for his contribution to the architectural knowledge, once checked and adapted by his respective authors. The collection arquia/tesis tries to put, this way, within reach of the public been interested in the studies on architecture a valuable material that, differently, would ensue from difficult consultation. With the intention of increasing the list of titles of the above mentioned collection, the Foundation Architects’ Box summons a biennial contest orientated to the selection of doctoral unpublished theses.

On December 10, the juror of arquia/tesis, presided by Jose Manuel Lopez-Peláez and composed by Elisa Valero Branches, Cristina Gastón Guirao, Emilio Tuñón Álvarez and Carlos Martí Arís, the director of the collection arquia/tesis, acting of secretary, have rewarded the theses ‘ Fisac’s bones ‘ of White and Fermin Gonzalez ‘ The trip of East ‘ of Ricardo Daza Caicedo. Daniel Esguevillas Cuesta, Mara Sánchez Llorens, Pablo Tena Gómez and Pere Fuertes Pérez have obtained mention

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