This book does an accurate diagnosis of the recent evolution of some global processes of urbanization that he analyzes together. His author uses for it the tools you will discipline that they correspond to an eminently sociological and geographical perspective. Using rhetorical resources related to the invention of new words, since territoriantes or the same urbanalización, they describe and make clear some significant keys of the form in which, there have been transforming in a seemed enough way diverse areas urbanized in many countries lengthways and width of the planet.

For Francesc Muñoz the happened in the last decades in the cities and metropolitan territories has been a consequence of the imposition of guidelines of consumption of the space orientated to the local adjustment to the needs of the advanced capitalism, or postfordista as today some of them modify it. Planetariamente have imposed like that a few answered landscapes in any site, in which the continuity is more important in the integration of a social behavior, adapted to the new strategies of massive distribution of products, that the response to the real needs of the own local inhabitants.


Federico García Barba

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