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Hoy gracias a la editorial Doble Hélice realizamos un nuevo sorteo en veredes, en esta ocasión nuestros lectores podrán optar al libro CrystalZoo, Sparkling wild animals, que recientemente hemos publicado de esta editorial.

The mechanism is very simple, simply you must leave a comment defining in a phrase what in your opinion suggests the book to you. In this occasion the comment you will be able to realize it in the web (at the end of the post) and / or in the entry of the Facebook. For it you have the information of the book available at the end of the same entry or the realized one in the section “publications”.

The term to take part in the drawing is from today on Monday, the 8th of June until Monday, the 15th of June to them 00:00 hours.

Polyphony of the peripheral architecture

It is possible to realize architecture removed from the strident centralidad of the big cities, placing in the periphery of the periphery? This one is the rhetorical question with the one that starts the prologue of Jose Juan Barba, the director of the magazine Metalocus, to the book CrystalZoo, Sparkling wild animals. The response, affirmation since it is logical, ties the architecture of this from Alicante study with universal references (Wright, Neutral, Frey), natives (RCR arquitectes) or hyper-places (Angela Deuber). But also it points at a new formula to do architecture, “entertained and without prejudices”, eluding functional, formal or stylistic stereotypes.

The recipe for this subtle revolution prepared from the trenches of the debatable urban from Alicante periphery includes an attentive reading of the conditions “of place and not of space”. It is mímesis with vernacular elements and appropriation of local materials, which minimize the ecological fingerprint and allow the control of the affections on the territory. All this without forgetting a digest of architectural formal resources, which save with brilliancy programs of social order and his deployment in urban areas of a precarious functionality.

These arguments and others many of the book, which includes in addition an interview with the chief of the study, Jose Luis Campos, allow to enter an architectural bet of forefront and to know first hand the answers of the study CrystalZoo to the challenge of differing innovating with austerity, in a context removed from the canon

Además, este volumen, que tiene algo de joya para bibliófilos y coleccionistas por la creatividad que ha dejado impresa el diseño de Germinal y las fotografías de David Frutos, representa un hito. El giro que ofrece a través de sus páginas, salpicadas de piezas de periodismo literario y crónicas de viaje, sitúa al usuario como juez y parte de la interpretación y sentido de la arquitectura.

Like hypertexts tied between yes for zoological metaphors, stories, analytical texts are combined and you will discipline and journalistic pieces.

They unclasp those of the editor of Culture Cristina Martínez, who realizes a passionate reading of the life that encloses every building, resting on the testimonies of dozens of users, who have been peeling dreams connected with the place. These dreams compiled by the socióloga Ana Marta Benito, generate a photomosaic and textually that confronts the architects with the fruits of his creations.

For your part, the geographer, journalist and historian of the art, Jordi Navas, explores the power transformer of the architecture from a few works that investigate the social changes, they talk with the territory and believe new realities in municipalities eager for answers to his crossroads. A being or not to be of the cores periurbanos, that seek to extricate of the traps of the speculative desarrollismo and to construct a new speech.

A book coral, which assembles other signatures as that of the journalist of El País newspaper Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, the Valencian architect Michael of the King or the mayor Luisa Pastor. An ambitious project to throw light on a study installed in the periphery, which tries to transform the mud of the trench into firm soil and to reinvent the horizon without derricks out of scale. A work called to renew the way of interpreting the architecture and of approaching his reading.

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