Ornamento Journal #2 AALTO

Ornamento Journal #2 AALVAR

Ornamento Journal is a visual exploration of the formal values of the architectural detail, independently of his constructive purpose.

The ornament is a concept taboo of the modern architecture and has been chased by real brutality along the 20th century, though indisputable modern teachers worked with architectural elements that without being decorative were exercising an aesthetic analogous function. Today, a deep reflection on the most important paper of the ornamental thing in architecture is absolutely necessary.

Ornament be considered to be a manual of references, a catalyst of ideas or of design, a catalogue of objects loaded with thought that undoubtedly incite the creativity or to the reflection.

In this number 2 we revise some Alvar Aalto’s works, in which his extraordinary sensibility demonstrates towards the most human scale of the architecture.

Miguel Sotos Fernández-Zúñiga, architect for the EPS CEU in 2014. It extended his formation in graphical design in Central Saint Martins. It has been employed at Canals Moneo Architects at Madrid and has lived and been employed at Japan and India, where it has investigated on the oriental architecture collaborating with One Tomoaki and Studio Mumbai. Nowadays it is employed at his own study at Madrid and is the director and founder of the magazine POINTES and Ornament Journal. Has published the book POINTES 2010-2015 (Ediciones Asimétricas, 2016).

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