They are not geniuses those that we need now. José Antonio Coderch

Written by the architect Jose Antonio Coderch and published by the first time in the Italian magazine Domus, directed then by Gio Ponti, in the number of November, 1961. For this publication I have taken the freedom of extracting some paragraphs, inviting them to check the complete text in the following web direction:

“In writing this it is neither my intention nor my wish to join the ranks of those who take pleasure in talking and theorising about Architecture. However, after twenty years of profession, circumstances which I could not have foreseen have obliged me to give definite form to my points of view and in all humility write the following:

An old and famous American architect, if I remember correctly, said to another much younger architect who asked him for advice : “Open your eyes properly, look ; its much simpler than you think”. He also said : “Behind every building you see there”s a man whom you dont”. A man ; he didnt even say an architect.

No, I dont think that its geniuses we need now. I think geniuses are events, not goals or ends. Neither do I believe that we need pontification about architecture, or grand doctrine, or prophecy, always a dubious affair. We still have something with a living tradition within our reach, as well as plenty of moral tenets concerning ourselves and our craft or profession as architects (and I use these terms in their best traditional sense). It is necessary for us to make good use of the little that still remains of a tradition of construction and, above all, morality in an age in which the most beautiful words have lost virtually all their real, true, significance.”

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José Antonio Coderch
Publicado en la revista Domus, november 1961

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