'Madrid, 100% Arquitectura'

The School of Architects of Madrid (COAM) is present during these days in Algeria with the exhibition ‘Madrid, 100% Architecture’. It shows her by the International Area of the COAM is inaugurated in the University of USTO, Sciences and Technology of Orán.

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This exhibition, initiative of the Offical Association of Architects of Madrid, the Instituto Cervantes in Orán and of the Construction Company OHL, seeks to cause the debate between professionals of Spain and Algeria to confirm and joint his skills of giving reply to these international markets and to the globalization.

It shows her picks up the 100 most interesting works by architects of Madrid all around the world and his professional practice, works selected by constructive typologies. Besides, another work has been included, the Convention center Mohamed Benahmed de Orán, just inaugurated work and by architects José María Fernández Fernández-Isla and Enrique Martínez de Angulo.

To the opening act will attend the director of the Instituto Cervantes in Orán, Javier Galván Guijo, and the Exterior director of the Construction company OHL, Carlos Bosch Cantallop.

Likewise, will do act of presence the consul of Spain in Algeria, Manuel Lorenzo; the vice-chancellor of the University of USTO, Sciences and Technology of Orán, Mohamed Bensafi; and the mayor of Orán, Gaddek Benqada. After the opening of the exhibition will take place a Round Table that the presence will have and share of the architects of Madrid, Marta Maíz, José Manuel Uriel Ladrón de Guevara, José Antonio Rodriguez Parrondo.

‘Madrid, 100% Architecture’ is one of the initiatives framed within the internationalization policy of the architects madrileñosque is taking the COAM. It is a question of an action plan that his foundation has in the “export of intelligence in all processes of the architecture, that is, producing and to build her in his time, to his price, with the great design levels, quality and finished”.

The School of Architects of Madrid encourages to his certified professionals to follow the internationalization route that are carrying out Spanish developers and to that form equipments with local architects “so that they you can present in his home countries and in other countries of his influence”area, the dean highlights of the COAM, Paloma Sobrini.

In the course of the programmed round table together with the exhibition will be emphasized in the need according to which every language is particularized for every place in which the architectural fact is produced, that replies to every culture, preserves her and it promotes her, while it articulates her with the universal language from the originality.

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