The variations of the identity. I test on the type in architecture

The variations of the identity

The object of this work is to contribute to a theory of the architectural project in which the idea of type is not conceived as a breeding mechanism but as a structure of the capable form of multiple developments. In this key, the project arquitectural places so far away of the invention of the form as of the determinism of the model.

The text is articulated in four chapters: in the first one there are established the philosophical bases of the concept of type considered as foundation epistemológico of the architecture; the second one centres on the study of some examples of the historical experience, examining across them the processes of permanency and transformation of the types; the third party confronts the problem of placing the analysis tipológico inside the frame defined by the thought estructuralista; the quarter constitutes an approximation, in key tipológica, to the work of some teachers of the modern architecture, showing the capacity of the thought tipológico to overcome the sterile dilemma between historicismo and experimentalism.

Carlos Martí Aris

It was born in Barcelona on June 10, 1948. It dealed the studies of Architecture in the ETSAB, being entitled in 1972, but his real school was the draft of the magazine 2C Construction of the City of the one that was an assistant director until 1985, year in which it stopped being edited. The Group 2c, agglutinated concerning Salvador Tarragó’s charismatic personality, took as a principal reference Aldo Rossi’s intellectual figure, though 22 published numbers show a field of interests much more wide that it goes from the Sevillian house or the territory véneto up to Cerdá’s work, Towers I Fixed or Sostres. The last number, “the line lasts”, it was a belligerent allegation against the postmodernism that at the time was triumphing in almost all the fronts.

The year 1976 was for him decisive, marked for two experiences that left fingerprint: seven months of stay in the northeastern region of Algeria forming a part of a group directed by Emilio Donato, to project six ” villages agricoles pour the revolution agraire “; and the participation in the First SIAC of Santiago de Compostela, culminating moment of the trend led by Rossi. Little later it joined to the School of Architecture of Barcelona as project teacher, inside the equipment coordinated by Raimon Torres. From then the teaching turns into his principal dedication, which it makes compatible with the professional work in association with Antonio Armesto.

Enter his books it is necessary to emphasize The variations of the identity. I test on the type in architecture (1990), eloquent Silences (1999), The forms of the residence in the modern city (1991) and Santiago de Compostela. The historical as present city (1996). It has been the impeller of publishing initiatives as the collection Architecture – theory of Editions of the Serbal, the collection Arquia/tesis of the Foundation Architects’ Box or the magazine DPA of the Project department of the UPC. His current topics of investigation are, between others, public Place and contemporary city and The architecture of the cinema. Studies on Dreyer, Hitchcock, Ford and Ozu (in collaboration with Jose Manuel García Roig).

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