The introduced tradition. Writings on regression and modernity

To speak about tradition in West is to enter the multiple meanings of the history, to approach the progress and the concept of evolution, which gets lost and is gained for a company, to speak about the feeling of a culture, about the perfidy to a few inherited traditions, about the morality and the ethics, about the modesty of the individual, about the nostalgia, about the fear of the delivery and of the disguises that the survival adopts, about the authentic thing and the false thing, about his deceits, about the relations with the past and about the return to the origin. To speak about tradition is to do it of synthesis and creation, of regression and modernity, of preexistences and of a heritage that explains to us wherefrom we come and towards where we feel to go. Also of the interpretation across which the works of the past come to us and come out in the time, of the conscience of the continuity, of the breaks and the change, of what it means to transgress rites and customs, of disobedience, rebelliousness and repentance. To speak about tradition is to speak about controversies, misunderstandings and contradictions, of wounds and mistakes that crawl, of the loss and the recovery of the memory, of the doubts before the course that the events take, of the surprise of certain regressive acts that have supposed the renovation of our culture: that of the arts and that of the science. It has something that concerns our own existence this sweet and sour tradition.


It is born in Granada in 1961. He is an architect for the School of Architecture of Seville (1986), teacher of architectural Projects in the School of Architecture of Granada from 1994, visiting professor in the Technischen Univertät München (Germany, 2010) and teacher invited in diverse national and international schools of architecture.

In his work it develops a line of investigation concerning the architectural intervention on the heritage and the landscapes in transformation. His projects and works have been selected for international and national exhibitions like On-Site, New Architecture in Spain organized by the MoMA of New York; 7. ª Biennial show of Architecture of Venice and the Biennial show of Spanish Architecture (1993-1994 and 2010-2011), between others. Mies van der Rohe has been nominated to the prizes; it has gained the prize Enor and obtained recognition of Architecture in the Biennial show XI Spanish of Architecture and Urbanism, and I reward in the Biennial show VIII Latin-American of Architecture and Urbanism.

Recently the international contest has gained with Álvaro Siza Porch of the Alhambra.

His study is in the tower alcoholera of a former factory of sugar in Granada recovered by means of a project of revitalización of an industrial space as place to live and to work; a place that has determined his way of understanding the relation between architecture and heritage; and an activity that has been revealed as an action of rescue of this industrial left enclosure. On this topic it has realized, with the director of cinema Juan S. Bollaín, the short A meeting, in which it reports the occupation of the factory in 1986 and the experiences carried out since then.

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