La Ricarda, the glass house

Designed by the architect Antonio Bonet, in narrow collaboration with the owner Ricardo Gomis and his wife Inés Bertrand Mata, the house Gomis, more known as The Ricarda is probably his more emblematic work and in architectural terms the best example of the Catalan Rationalism. His construction is a continuation of the works realized by the architect in Top Whale, Uruguay, with the House Berlingieri, where the coherent use of the structure formed by props and Catalan return gives place to spaces of great depth and transparency.

The construction of The Ricarda, it was realized ” by correspondence “, since Bonet in these years was in Argentina and directed the work the distance. The first contact with the client was in 1949, the first time that Bonet was returning to his country from 1936, after which there was realized the first project that did not continue forward. The second offer, developed from 1953 it was the finally accepted one and constructed. The construction was directed in work by the architect Comas and the builder R.Bofill.

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