The imaginary city

The imaginary city.

The decades of civil Spanish postwar period do not treat each other about a dead past, it is a question rather of a vision of the present. An inventory of indications probably they us can reveal what has happened. To re-compose the pieces, contextualizar the political and social reality that was living through the country, to be able to understand better the present. The credit concession on the part of USA in exchange for the establishment of military North American bases in Spanish territory, the Eucharistic Congress celebrated in 1952 in Barcelona and the policies of the department of Housing created in 1957 they become neutral for the transformation of the city.

Midday city, it is a neighborhood perife’rico of the city of Barcelona, and is the object of study of this documentary test given his caracteri’sticas so much histo’ricas as formal. Constructed at the end of the de’cada of the sixties of the 20th century, as response to the massive need of housing provoked by the wave of inmigracio’n proceeding for the most part of the rural world, it was planned occupying a few areas scorned previously by the local dampness.

They were considered to be suitable, nevertheless and in spite of the orographical conditions, for the edificacio’n of big blocks of housings staggered between yes to be able to adapt to the topografi’a, but pra’cticamente without dotacio’n of urban services and basic equipments.

Ciudad Meridiana like paradigm of the neighborhood that maybe had never to of having been constructed, a neighborhood marked by the local fights that treat of visibilidar his existence under the shade of the brand Barcelona.

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