The house in the modern architecture

This book servant treats of the places of in the modernity; it is directed for readers been interested in the architecture of the house, and in him they are going to find answers to the question of if the modern housing managed to exist or not.

After a brief tour for certain nineteenth-century precedents, there are enunciated the tasks which the new architecture of the housing faced. From there there are done a description of the types and mechanisms of reference to the definition of the modern house and some of the most known experimental houses of the first decades of the XXth century, which allows to document his real possibilities.

It appears then that where the architectural investigation turned out to be richer it was in the model search of aggregation of units of housing, with the whole experimental and political device that it allowed his epoch. A tour for the new equipments, accompanied by a look to the Japanese culture, allows to discover some mechanisms applied to the variability of the space and the time servants. Finally there will be demonstrated that the question as the modern house had really answers.

The house in the modern architecture

Manuel Martín Hernández,

Editorial Reverté

ISBN: 9788429121247

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