JAE in Roma

The Young exhibition Spanish Architects – JAE, organised by the Ministry of the House and the Government of Spain, with Jesús Mª Aparicio Cooked (professor title of Architectural Projects of the Upper Technical School of Architecture of Madrid) like commissioner and Jesús Donaire García of the Muslim (professor assistant of Architectural Projects in the University of Columbia, New York) like vicecomisario, arrives to Rome. After his go through Madrid, New York, Brussels, Stockholm and Paris, arrives to Rome before inciar turns it by USA and Canada. The next unemployed, in March in the Cervantes Institute of Chicago. The exhibition consists of 62 projects of Spanish architecture signed by born architects after 1965. This sample looks for to discover to a generation of stood out lower Spanish architects of 40 years, no only like individual architects of recognised prestige, but also like studies.



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