Ifac ‘ 14. International festival of Art and Construction

One more year this festival will celebrate his third edition between the near ones 11 and On August 20 in Covarrubias, (Burgos), where there will coexist 300 young women of the whole world. A bet that proposes to join reflection and action to look for a rural self-sufficient future. Thirty architectural workshops constitute the vertebral column of the event, which is fed on many other artistic, constructive and theoretical disciplines. All this in a context of debate, work and exchange of experiences, with the topic of bottom of the analysis and recovery of the rural areas.

Ifac bets for the constructive experimentation with land, cane, superadobe or wood. An event where it is possible from constructing prototypes of geodesic domes and Catalan vaults up to learning to make paintings, mortars, ovens of mud and solar … The activities are opened for the collective participation in all the phases, from the design to the execution. If still you do not have plan for the summer, the inscriptions are opened until July 20 or end of squares.

The event Ifac departs from the hypothesis from that the analysis of the paper that the rural way has played in the past can contribute important references when imagine architectural, urban, social, economic and productive future models. The rural environments contribute an infinity of elements demostradamente sustainable and coherent with his natural and social way. The idea of item is to do a review of all that, to see what can be rescued and what can be contributed from the current paradigms in order to raise what can or must be the rural way in the present – future.

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