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Since 1984, the Official College of Architects of Madrid publishes what is undoubtedly the most complete and professional Architecture Guide of Madrid. Our close relationship with architecture and architects at the state level allows us to have content of great didactic and cultural value, and its correct dissemination and value have always been and will be fundamental concerns for the corporation.

Times have changed, and although the love for paper is still latent, we understand that the dissemination of cultural content must adapt to new technologies to improve its promotion and knowledge among society.

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At COAM we have been sketching for some time the master lines that may define the adaptation of the Madrid Architecture Guide to new technologies, in order to develop a project that we believe may be of great cultural, pedagogical and tourist interest: the Architecture App from Madrid.

The App Architecture of Madrid is an application for mobile devices designed to discover the city and its emblematic buildings from the palm of your hand.

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It can be used while touring the city to obtain information about buildings, follow recommended itineraries or from home to consult data and plan routes. Its content is divided mainly into two areas: buildings and itineraries, being able to access information in different ways according to the available options.

The buildings contained can be viewed by accessing a list in which they will appear arranged alphabetically, chronologically and by areas of the city. When consulting each one of the 150 starting buildings, a file appears that contains:

· Image gallery.
· Name of the building.
· Year of construction.
· Architectural movement.
· Author.
· Short description.
· Short video of the author (if possible).
· Gallery of plans.
· Address.
· Public transport.
· Suggested itinerary to which it belongs.
· Link to the official website of who occupies the building.
· Favorites button (add the building to a list of favorites to consult later or create custom tours).
· Map button (opens the location of the building on Google Maps to get directions on how to get there).

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To facilitate the knowledge of the city through its architecture we propose a series of suggested itineraries, based on the experience of the COAM in the preparation of the guides and the guided visits of the Week of Architecture. At this moment there are 17 itineraries among which are: Madrid de los Austrias, housing laboratories, the “Modern”  Madrid or rehabilitating culture.

When selecting one of the recommended itineraries we find:

· Image gallery.
· Name of the itinerary.
· Century in which it is framed.
· Architectural movement.
· Map of the route.
· Short description.
· List of buildings belonging (in order of visit).
· Favorites button (adds the itinerary to a list of favorites).
· Map button (opens the itinerary in Google Maps to get directions on how to get there).

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All the buildings are geolocated and we can check their location on an interactive map of Google Maps. In this way in addition to showing the exact address of any work we can get directions on how to get there.

There is also the option to geolocate our position to see on the map what buildings of interest we have around.

To make the use of App and access to information more intuitive, the option to discover the city through augmented reality is included.

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Thanks to this technology and through the camera of the mobile device, photographs of the buildings that are around us are shown, indicating the distance to which they are located and the direction in which to approach their position.

The rich variety of synergies that arise from the new way of discovering Madrid will undoubtedly be the attractive focus of large public and private operators in the city, with whom we will establish contact to promote cultural and dissemination actions that support and keep the App alive.

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In this way the App Architecture of Madrid, developed for Android and iOS platforms and available in Spanish and English, will become a tool of header for students and professionals of architecture, citizens and tourists.

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