Concrete phenomena in diffuse territories

“Concrete phenomena in diffuse territories” they are a few divulgative days of urban investigation that they will develop on Thursday, the 30th and Friday, the 31st of May, 2013 in the assembly hall of the ETSA de A Coruña.

The aim of the days is to give to know a series of investigative practices that, from diverse forms of break with the stability of the classic dualisms as theory – practice, objetivismo-subjetivismo or academy – company, have approached the urban question of a form so ilusionante as fullly scientific.

It is not a question therefore of investigations approached from the set of instruments and the methodologies most linked to the urban development practices as the territorial planning or the urban project (and that at present they turn concerning the optimism woken up by the generalization of the use of the SIG, and the pessimism derived from the professional deslegitimación real-estate post-bubble), but of immersed searches in the own personal drifts of each one of the guests (César Losada, Maurici Pla, Xoán Mosquera and Álvaro Domingues) across fields and concepts as the philosophy, the language, the activismo or the ordinary thing.

In a moment in which about the urbanism, the geography or the cartography numerous disciplines and social agents meet being interrogated by his disability to understand the dynamics delfilos current territory, these days will try to stimulate the interest for the urban investigation as way of analysis of the contemporary forms of life, across his spatial correlatos, and as shuttle of offers materializables in speeches, processes or urban things not limited exclusively to the logics of the capital.

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