Farmacia-Vivienda] en Salvaterra do Miño | Patiño+Prieto


located in the rural town of o cerdeiral, the project will take place in an elongated plot with planning restrictions that require a setback on the surrounding roads. the result will be a buildable band of 4-5 meters along it.


the owners ask us the relocation of the pharmacy operating a few meters from this plot as well as building a house, separated but in relation, in a crossing place of the main roads of that rural area.


the original limitation of the situation will be the starting point of the project. the buildable narrow band of less than five meters will become a linear zinc roof that will deform and fold to build a house, a pharmacy and some gaps, enabling the separation and also the functional relationship of the two programs.


the construction will take place in two main phases. first of all the volume of the pharmacy will be built due to the urgency of dealing with this part of the project. the elongated strip will be cut and folded to await for the construction of the second phase.


walls and slabs of reinforced concrete define the containers and formalize the connections between them. to make visible the folded band we propose a continuous zinc coating on the roof and lateral elevations. the rest of exterior façades will be of stone and the internal ones will be of polish concrete.

Work: Drugstore + Housing in Salvaterra do Miño

Authors: Faustino Patiño Cambeiro+Juan Ignacio Prieto López

Collaborators: Adriana Pérez, Diego Hermida, Michelle Brodeschi, Óscar Sánchez [collaborators of the study in diverse phases of the project]

Developer: Elena Rey Sio, pharmaceutical

Quantity surveyor: Mónica Cabaleiro

Building contractor: Carlos Carballas

Location: Salvaterra do Miño, Pontevedra. Galicia. España

Year: 2007-2010

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

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+ prizes

XI Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo_ Selected work [2011]

XIV Architecture COAG Award_The first work, Architects’ Work in the beginning of his professional career_ First Prize [2011]

COAG Award Gran de Area 2008

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