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30 years have happened since on June 2, 1986 the reconstruction of the Pavilion inaugurated Mies van der Rohe, constructed for the International Exhibition of Barcelona of 1929. Though the process began in 1957 when Oriol Bohigas was writing to Mies to entrust him, again, the pavilion.

This year on the occasion of this efeméride, we have the opportunity to be able to raise to Isabel Bachs a series of questions apropósito of 30 º Anniversary of the reconstruction of the Pavilion Barcelona.

Cristian Cirici, Isabel Bachs, Fernando Ramos y Oriol Bohigas | Fotografía: Isabel Bachs
Cristian Cirici, Isabel Bachs, Fernando Ramos and Oriol Bohigas | Photography: Isabel Bachs

Might it value the importance of Lilly Reich for the conception of the Pavilion?

I can do suppositions since there is not had information confirmed about his intervention.

What is undoubted is his sensibility and value and the difficult thing that was turning out to be at the time the recognition of the merits of a woman in the professional world and very particularly in that of the architecture, where great number of architects exercise the worst hobbles, even today.

The reconstruction of the Pavilion, it was not exempt from polemic. According to Josep Maria Montaner Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Joan Bassegoda might gather in crowds in three lines, the first form for Oriole Bohigas, Emili Donato, and of Ignasi of Solà-mulberry trees, the second Josep Quetglas, Imma Julián, Àngel Gonzalez, Manfredo Tafuri and different some, and the third and last one formed by a small group between those that Alison Smithson and Giovanni Klaus Koenig would emphasize does he think that already it has excelled itself?

In the area of the profession the critical lines are kept, though in these moments I do not believe that anybody raises the topic of the Pavilion as a white hot and alive polemic.

What has contributed the reconstruction of the Pavilion to the architecture?

The live experience of the constructed space that already in if it constitutes an experience not sustituible for no procedure of representation.

And to the city of Barcelona?

To put it in the international map of the architecture in the years of the reconstruction of a form more educated than the later explosion of the JJOO.

Jordi Marquès, Fernando Ramos, Isabel Bachs, Cristian Cirici, Oriol Bohigas
Jordi Marquès, Fernando Ramos, Isabel Bachs, Cristian Cirici, Oriol Bohigas

How does it see the current situation of the Spanish architecture?

Complicated: for the crisis of the sector and for the lack of specific weight of equipments with the prestige of which they start moving back from the first line of the professional scene.

What does think of the labor situation of the professionals of the architecture?

That the young architect must reinvent a more opened profession and collaborator with the social and professional sectors of the country. The formation of the architect should affect, that does not do it, in his preparation for a professional exercise with a strong social political character.

What recommendations would it give him to the professional futures of the architecture?

That approach the learning of the profession with the whole passion that they have and that they are ready to dream that her exercising the world it can improve.

Finally to be grateful for Isabel Bachs his time and predisposition with this space. Do not stop visiting the program of program of events of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation.

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