Cosas Vistas | Baylón, Javier Campano, Vari Carames, Françoise Nuñez Y Bernard Plossu

Gallery Inés Barrenechea. Madrid. From 9 February to on 3 April of 2010.La Gallery Ines Barrenechea inaugurates the exhibition Things Views on 9 February. The exhibition compose her the photographers’ works and friends Baylón, Javier Campano, Vari Carames, Françoise Nuñez And Bernard Plossu that are gathered to show his recent work, result of his avenues for the world.

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Luis Baylón, Javier Campano, Vari Caramés, Françoise Núñez, Bernard Plossu: five friends hanging around the streets with his chambers, for cities of the world, petite festín, petite harvest of choses vues, that said Victor Hugo in a title that is a real modern program, title that take up again now, castellanizándolo.
Photograph in the French tradition, poetry of hang around the streets the baudelairiano, poetry that in NY finds an echo in the very frenchified Frank O’Hara and his chant to the Third Avenida, poetry that here, maybe Ramón………
I hang around the streets, errancia, trip, showcases, a Galicia intemporal, signboards and neons, Italy, factories, Marseille multiracial, an India almost tintinesca ( the end of Them cigares du pharaon), Buenos Aires and a circus that happens, beggars, Madrid also, of course, Baroque churches trimming on the sky, registrations cuadrigas banking, the néon again of the Hotel Noon, at night of Europe……………Hang around the streets, flânerie, passantes, and also the train, the poetry always of the train, our Antonio Machado, Michel Butor and his Modification Paris-Rome, Walker Evans and his colors fifties, saying the desolate poetry of the railway USA…
Luis Baylón, Javier Campano, Vari Caramés, Françoise Nuñez and Bernard Plossu, five friends, together in this lovely exhibition that these short wintry days lights.

Photograph = poetry


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