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Though finally there was unanimity in the failure, the deliberation of the winners of the contest Landscape, Architecture and Wine expanded a few hours due to the great interest woken up by the quantity of ideas that were turning out to be prominent. The failure was realized last July 19 and in view of the level of the participants, the own juror wanted to be generous in the special mentions. Finally, to part of three winners, other five projects will possess special mention. These Honorific Mentions have been granted to the most interesting offers as for architectural quality one says, and that they have not obtained any of the first three prizes. The students rewarded with these special mentions belong to universities of Spain, Australia, Mexico and Uruguay.

But the most important prizes have remained in house, in ETSA’s Universities of Madrid and Granada. It is necessary to emphasize that the participation in the contest has been very high, in total 158 students’ projects of architecture have been received of more than 20 different countries, between them: Spain, E.E.U.U., Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, France, Australia, China or Japan. This way so, there is revealed the level of the winners who have stood out between all of them.

8 offers rewarded represent in his set the values claimed in the contest: to stir into action and to promote the brand image of a certain warehouse, giving eight answers different from the same problem. The creation of a landscape as catalyst of a wine area, the study of the landscape and of the experience of the visitor on the form of culture having moved for different zones of the vineyard, the structure as result of the study of the cultures, as generator of the project, the process of production of the wine as experience of life, the territorial arrangement in search of a balance between the wine, the architecture and the landscape, the walk raised on the vineyards favoring the continuity of the landscape and the sensory experience as measured revitalizadora of an area, they represent the aims looked by the members of the Juror of the contest Landscape, Architecture and Wine (LAW).

betting for the future architects

The contest of ideas Landscape, Architectura and Wine was started last March to assemble innovative ideas for the design of students’ warehouses of architecture of the whole world. In the same way, one tries to do a reflection brings over of the architectural solutions that exist at present for the warehouses and the search of new others that stir into action the own warehouse and his brand image.

Maria Urrutia Ybarra, Adviser and Marketing manager of the Warehouse Cvne, has been one of the persons in charge in finalists of warehouses valued the projects. They have accompanied him in the juror Martha Thorne, Executive Director of the Prizes Pritzker of Architecture; Fernando Márquez Cecilia, Publisher and the director of the magazine of architecture THE SKETCH; Sara Ouass Chemlal, Winner of the contest COB Madrid, and Benedetta Tagliabue, Director of the study of architecture Miralles Tagliabue EMBT.

The winning projects will distribute a total of 5.100 Euros in prizes. Besides the economic one, the winning projects will receive another important award: they will be published in the international magazine of architecture WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell.


1er prize: LAW 2033: Javier Ureña Carazo e Isabel Rivas (ETSA Madrid, Spain)

2º prize: LAW 1830: Juan Antonio Serrano García y Paloma Baquero Masats (ETSA Granada, Spain)

3er prize: LAW 2120: Alejandro González Palacios, Luis Miguel Segui Urbita, Jorge Santacruz Bonilla (ETSA Madrid, Spain)

Special mentions

LAW 2000: Damián León García, Ricardo Hernández Acosta y Roberto Fuentes Rodríguez (ETSA Las Palmas, Spain)

LAW 2032: Ximing Liang, HyoJin Yoo y Justin Lo (University of New South Wales, Australia)

LAW 2177: Andrés Berjón de Gortari (UNAM, México)

LAW 2265: Rafael Solano Ferrari, Marcos Guiponi Pinelli (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay)

LAW 2464: Estibaliz Alzuri, Esti Arruti, Miriam Campos, Imanol Campos (ETSA País Vasco, Spain)

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