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The former A Conga coffee was occupying a place of two plants in the street of the same name in the heart of the historical city of Santiago.

Though conceived in his beginnings as a traditional from Santiago de Compostela coffee, it was deriving his activity towards the night leisure linked to the musical sauce.

After a time of brilliance there came the gradual decadence that he led to his closing and abandon, which was contrasting with his privileged situation in the city.

The new offer for the coffee, which includes a new name: Kunsthalle, tries to link his activity to that of his promoters, persons who develop his work in the organization of concerts, the gastronomy, and the culture and the contemporary art.

To the most conventional offer of restaurant and bar of glasses different other one adds with exhibitions and works ” site specific ” of contemporary artists, musical actions, conferences and all kinds of activities related to the urban culture.

Conference like that the things, the project of reform of the coffee only tries ” to do site ” to all these possible and varied uses: to do site to the cook in order that it could prepare his plates, do site to the artists who from the beginning intervene in the place in order that they find his place and in order that the architecture does not quarrel with his work but he is an accomplice of her, to do a site for this possible concert or this occasional conference, to do site definitively in order that the architecture is behind the things, the life that could give him in the bar and of the persons who there are going to eat, to drink or to dance, that accompanies them and can hide also when they lower the lights, not to show off and yes to disappear.

In his construction, it is a question of taking advantage to the maximum what already existed in the place when the work begins. In the ground floor, towards the street of A Conga, pule the soil of wood of pine to take from him the dye that conceals his natural seam, walls and ceiling make up of white and a new bar and other furniture are constructed in wood of American ash-tree, with his natural or whitened seam.

Below, in the basement, still fewer things are done: there recover the bar and the soil of existing stone, and there make up of black the walls of masonry and the structure of wood of the ceiling. Only a great constant seat draped with furious prints, contrasts with the darkness of the environment.

The rest, a few chairs and contemporary stools and atemporales simultaneously and a discreet and adjustable lighting that allows to measure with a compass the light of the bar to the step of the hours, changing his intensity as it falls down the day and begins it ” night life “.

Work: Café Kunsthalle

Author: r v r arquitectos [Alberto Redondo, José Valladares and Marcial Rodríguez]

Location: Conga, 8. Santiago de Compostela

Promoter: I Think Lifestyle

Date of project and work: 2012

Constructed Surface: 274 m2

Artists with project  “site specific”: Misha Bies Golas, Suso Fandiño, Jorge Perianes, Carlos Maciá, Alain Urrutia

Artista with current exhibition: Alvaro Negro

Photographies: Ramón Vaamonde, Kunsthalle, rvr arquitectos


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