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As an architect, and “adopted” Bruxellois for two years, I will try to tell you from my point of view, and through my “arquicomics” what this city is like. To this end, I propose to start this “presentation” of Brussels by its most characteristic element: the “maison bruxelloise”, a house typology apparently simple but which has consequences for the urban fabric, lifestyle, interior spaces, and density of this city.


eiza, architect and ilustrator
Bruselas, july 2015

Jaime Eizaguirre / eiza (A Coruña, 1980) is an architect and illustrator. For two years now he lives and works in Brussels, a city that he will discover us through this series of “arquicomics”: Brutselas.

Eiza Author

Es dibujante y arquitecto, por la ETSA de Madrid. Ha participado con ilustraciones en diversas publicaciones y concursos desde pequeño. Desde 2005 trabaja como arquitecto con diversos estudios, donde a menudo utiliza sus dibujos a mano y sus cómics a la hora de presentar los proyectos. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Bruselas.

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