Brick-Topia, winner in the category Build-it of the festival of architecture Eme3 that celebrated  of the 27 to 30 June in Barcelona, can visit  during all this summer in the external playground of the enclosure of the ancient factory of hilaturas Fabra i Coats.

Photography: Manuel de Lózar and Paula López Barba

It treats  of a construction of structures abovedadas of brick that employs the traditional constructive system of the vault tabicada (or volta Catalan) beside new digital tools of structural optimisation through the geometry. The proposal is the result of the investigation that carries out at present MAP13, with the help of the chair of construction José Luis González, that defines the vault tabicada like fragment extracted of the prologue of the rid “Construction of vaults tabicadas” of Ángel Truñó, architect and professor of the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

This pavilion is a continuation of the prototype that developed Philippe Block, Lara Davis and Matthias Rippmann in the university ETH of Zurich, with which showed the reliability of the program RhinoVault, a plug-in of Rhino, used for the design of the vault that has built.

When treating  of an experimental project that puts this type of constructive system to the limit, the development and execution of the project have required a lot of effort by part of all the team that participates in him. With this investigation, collects  the material tradition and the constructive knowledge of the vault tabicada and combines  with tools of contemporary calculation to develop a project that offers a concave space and protected, that pretends to establish a deep bond with the origin of all the cultures.

In his construction, have collaborated operarios skilled, the team of project more eventual collaborators and a group of students of architecture, that has learnt the technician of construction of the Catalan vault, through a workshop organised with the School of Architecture ETSAB of the UPC.

The pavilion abovedado proposed has a conversation of respectful way with the industrial ships of the factory, also realised employing ceramic materials and, to his time, enters a traditional constructive system and widely used in Catalonia from does centuries. This system is cheap, sustainable and offers the possibility to be autoconstruido, but needs of a greater specialisation of the personnel of work, that has to be composed by excellent bricklayers that can realise a work artesanal. The challenge that supposes the traced and the construction of a vault tabicada, allows to enjoy of the work, by his dynamism and the level of necessary expertise, that do not sue another type of constructions more standardised.

For the preparation of the work, has mounted  of a system of andamios that serves of basic platform, in which they support  the cimbras that serve of guide to start with to define the geometries with the ceramic materials.

Thanks to this intervention, configures  the space of the square, to be able to realise in her different activities, so much under the vault, as in the spaces created in his surroundings. It treats  to offer to the enclosure a space of public use that have zones of bathroom and of sun, bar, terracings and stages to enjoy of him during the summer of 2013.

Authors of project: Marta Domènech, David López López and Mariana Palumbo. To the team joins  Paula López Beard, in the executive phase of the project.

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