Breviary of Ronchamp

Breviario de Ronchamp

“And if to dedicate (sacrare) was the term that was designating the exit of the things of the sphere of the human right, to profane was meaning to return, inversely, the things to the free use of the people.”

Giorgio AgambenElogio della profanazione.

Corbusier returns to the free use of the common one the work of Him in Ronchamp: such it would be the desire of this Breviary.

Le Corbusier suffered in 1948 the failure of his project of the Sainte-Baume, fulminated by the prohibition of the authorities of the catholic French Church. But in the crossing between the dirt track, where they were entering in what would be France the nomadic populations from the Prehistory, and the way of the water, which joins the sources and the courses of the Rhine and of the Rhone, Le Corbusier it managed to convert an old catholic chapel into a monument to the human presence identified with the vertical line that believes our body in foot on the land, tying it to this another monument that he itself raised closely together of here: the tower of control of the sluice Kembs-Niffer, which directs the horizontal march of the waters.

Josep Quetglas Ruisech (Palma, Islas Baleares, 1946) is A Professor of the Technical Top School of Architecture of the Technical University of Catalonia and author of numerous publications of theory and critique of the Architecture. He has been an award winner with the medal FAD (2002), the National Prize of Architecture and Public Space of the Autonomous government of Catalonia of Catalonia (2009) and the prize Ramon Llull of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (2011). In 2002 it founded and directed the yearbook Massilia. Annuaire d’etudes corbuséennes that, from 2012, edits the Foundation Le Corbusier of Paris.

His they are books as La casa de Don Giovanni (1996), El horror cristalizado: imágenes del Pabellón de Alemania de Mies van der Rohe (2001), Pasado a limpio I (2001), Pasado a limpio II (2002) and Oiza, Oteiza: línea de defensa en Altzuza (2004), Artículos de ocasión (2004), Le Corbusier et le livre (2005), Casa en Mallorca. Alvaro Siza (2010), Aurora Picornell. Escrits 1930-1936 (2013), Ronchamp: A landscape of Visual Acoustics (2014), Restos de arquitectura y crítica de la cultura (2017), Breviario de Ronchamp (2017). There is one of the major world experts in Him Corbusier, besides publisher of his complete works in Spain.

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