BIArch Open Lectures: Smiljan Radic “A Noise Orange tree”

The first BIArch Open Lecture, delivered by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic.

Smiljan Radic is born in Santiago, as son of the marriage formed by Smiljan Radic Piraino and Cora Maria Clarke Ramirez, it obtained the architect’s title for the School of Architecture of the Catholic Pontificia Universidad of Chile in 1989. Later it dealed studies of Aesthetics in the Istitutto Universitario I gave Archittetura de Venezia, Italy (1990-1992). In 1994 Platía Eleftería gained the international contest, in Iraklio, Crete, and associated with Nicolas Skutelis and Flavio Zanon for his development and construction.

In 2000 the contest won for the civic neighborhood in Concepcion, Chile, a project that there cost the prize him to the best architect 35-year-old minor Chilean of the Architects’ College of Chile in 2001.

It has given numerous conferences and his work has been an object of exhibitions in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, The United States, Norway, and Austria. His projects have been published in magazines of architecture interenacionales as 2G, International Magazine of Architecture, a+u, ARQ, Casabella, Detail, Lotus and Quaderns d ‘ Architecture i Urbanisme, and there has been gathered in two monographic catalogues published in Spain by the School Technical Superior of the University of Navarre and in Chile by Editions ARQ. In 2007 he was a teacher invited in the University of Texas and nowadays it is employed at his study at Santiago de Chile.

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