Alejandro de la Sota Pontevedra 1913 – Madrid 1996. Construirse / Construir

From April 6 to May 27 the rooms of temporary exhibitions of the Sexto one shelter the exhibition dedicated to the figure of the architect pontevedrés Alejandro de la Sota. The Museum adds with this great sample to the celebration of the year 2018 that the Royal Academy of Fine arts of Galicia dedicates Alejandro de la Sota Martínez’s figure.

Alejandro de la Sota Pontevedra 1913 – Madrid 1996. Construírse Construír o1

Alejandro de la Sota Martínez was one of the big Spanish architects of the 20th century. For the first time there offers a complete vision of his vital path, from to his infancy up to his maturity in this exhibition, which consists of two parts.

The first part recreates his childhood and adolescence in Pontevedra, whereas the second part does an extensive tour for his more important and significant projects across the funds guarded by the Foundation that takes his name. The exposed projects represent the different stages of his architectural, not very extensive work, but yes fundamentally; and they complement each other with bibliographical material, models, drawings and furniture designed by the own Alejandro.

Alejandro was born in the bosom of an illustrated family and received of her a few artistic genes that marked his personality. From very child it showed a special tendency to the drawing and the music. Alfonso Castelao was his instructor in the way of understanding the cartoons, which it never stopped doing, and Churches Vilarelle and Jose Jané they educated his musical taste with very much success.

When only he was 18 years old it did his first exhibition of cartoons in the room of the Meeting tourism, in the street Michelena, it shows that he shared with his best friend, Ventura de Dios, Turiñas.. Then both young persons were founders of the magazine Crystal in 1932 and shared an unforgettable party with García Lorca in the house of the Modern Coffee.

Alejandro de la Sota Pontevedra 1913 – Madrid 1996. Construírse Construír o2

The Civil war truncated in two parts his studies in the School of Architecture of Madrid, after happening before for the University of Santiago. Alejandro belonged to the first promotion of the postwar period, titled in June, 1941, and mounted a study with his companion and friend Xavier Lahuerta.

The second part centres principally on eight emblematic works, from I it design of the “Pueblo de Esquivel”, in Seville (1952-63), up to the building of Post office of León (1981-84).

It is emphasized in the Civil government of Tarragona (1957-62), the central dairy Clesa (1958-61) and the gymnasium of the College You Astonish of Madrid (1960-62), three key projects that reflect a change in his career, when it shook off of the commanding classicism and was assigned in the postulates of the modernity that began to penetrate shyly in Spain, and that there represented Mies van der Rohe and other European architects who emigrated to The United States.

A special paragraph dedicates the sample also to his works more pontevedresas: the House Domínguez in To Caeira (1973-78) and the Pavilion of the Sports, good examples of his reinnovating bets.

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