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The third edition of the digital publication accésit collects  the last proposals and contests that have taken place to national level, like the VII Contest of Preliminary drafts of IVVSA,  the II Phase of the Contest for the Headquarters of the Foundation of Contemporary Architecture in Córdoba, or the Contest of ideas for the rehabilitation and restoration of the ‘Hospital Saint Spirit’ in Baiona.

The section of actuality centres  in the labour situation in that they find  a lot of mates that see in the contests the way to achieve commissions. This is, from an interview and article of the hand of the architect and consultor Gonzalo García. Besides in the rest of sections explain, in Emergent, with the collaboration of the young study ER Architects, in Lost with the recently awarded with the Prize Bauwelt in the category of public Work, the study Suárez Saint Architects and in the section of Work built with the new Centre of Health Alamillo, in Seville.


ACTUALITY Gonzalo García Muñoz

EMERGENT ER Architects


Contest of ideas ‘Calm of the Foundation Contemporary Architecture and surroundings of the apple of Saint Peblo in Córdoba’. Phase II.

Contest of ideas for the rehabilitation and restoration of the ‘Hospital Saint Spirit’ allocated to Library and Historical Archive.

VIII Contest to level of preliminary draft for the adjudication of agreements of editorial of projects and direction of works of edificación.

Contest of ideas m-Art. Market of Arts and Jobs.

WORK CONSTRUIDACentro of Health Alamillo, Seville.

Javier Terrados Cepeda, Fernando Suárez Corchete

LOST Suárez Saint Architects



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