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Pergola(s) + platform(s)

The plot of this house in the environment of Santiago de Compostela, places as piece of edge between the rural core consolidated by the one that one accedes and is opened towards the plots of agricultural protection that surround it.

On having treated itself about a viario with building and irregular and consolidated walls a marked alignment does not exist. One seeks by the intervention to respect the original structure of the rural core.

The construction is articulated by fragmented volumes and auxiliary elements, as pergolas and porches, the above mentioned elements lean, partly, to the existing buildings with the same logic that the traditional constructions of the zone, taking advantage of the wealth of the exterior intermediate spaces to colonize the plot in different epochs of the year.

The housing places in the extreme North-East of the plot and is orientated on the basis of the slope that provokes the topography of the area and that falls towards the sights and to the soleamiento. The volume that composes the principal body of the housing they are opened in this direction, spilling the spaces mas vivideros to the interior of the plot and giving the back to the road.

With the configuration of both axes parallel to the limits north and this that constitute the housing decide the exterior spaces with a clearly differentiated character:

· Court of access in the eastern part: it arranges the access to the housing and generates the front to the road

· Court in the northern part: more controlled, it forms an exterior private space linked to the kitchen.

· Spaces opened for the southwest: it constitutes a most of the plot without building and opens the housing the soleamiento and the sights.

The fragmentation of the volumes of the housing, which favors his integration in the existing plot, marks a clear hierarchy in the housing: the only central body, mas raised, and of a contained size, stands out on the rest with a sloping cover. The rest of the pieces underline this element acting as a socle, and adapting on the plot aterrazándose. The game that takes place between the principal body and the volume generated by the cover to protect the parking enriches the volumetric reading of the set.

The volumes of the housing and the game of platforms on which the building expands in the southern part, favor the integration in the area and it minimizes the movement of tierras0 necessarily.

There appears a housing of eminently residential character that optimizes the environmental conditions in the one that is inserted and it is allowed an intensive enjoyment of the plot in the one that registers. The housing materializes with a simple construction, in which walls predominate over ambles of concrete re-dressed externally by a front transventilada of local wood (pine pinaster) agreement with you go out of copper in the high volumes and of chairs of granite of great format in the piece of the bedrooms.

In the cover of the principal body a wrought compound arranges wood – concrete, with encofrado lost of board alistonado of pine pinaster and joists of laminated wood.

The front of the above mentioned volume, it is realized by wood sawed without brushing in two of his faces and in escuadrías of 6×4 and 4×4 cm turning into lattice where major privacy is needed.

The pergolas appear with mechanical unions in tail of kite fitted from his top part, transforming in case of the lounge in parasol of vertical muds.

There does not apply him any protector extra to the exterior wood looking for a natural texture that connects with the traditional elements of the auxiliary constructions of the zone.

Work: House in Corexo

Authors: Ismael Ameneiros Rodríguez and Santiago Rey Conde (Ameneiros Rey | HH arquitectos)

Location: Corexo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Year: 2011-2013

Photographies: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages


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