Sol. Flavor to free spirit

“Free spirit of the Year, and we are looking for you.”

This way one presents the digital campaign that realizes the brand of drinks Sun, and that in this days is present in web, banners and social networks.

Across the minidocumentary format that narrates in the first person the entrepreneurs’ histories that have risked and fought to reach and develop his dreams.

In this one first it delivers the protagonists are Priscilla and Gastón, a pair who decided to change the classes and the graphical design, to create his own business: Eureka Street Food.

A van Citroën HY transformed into mobile restaurant, this pair crosses every different day places selling Californian food “on the go”.

This one is the first history of many that will be counting each other, and of that you can form a part if you turn out to be selected.

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or to slant#solespiritulibre

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