Scanbot, app to scan

Scanbot, app para escanear

Scanbot is a tool that will help us to turn PDF any document that we have to hand.

Sure that in some occasion we have had the need to scan some document and we did not have to hand a scanner. But if there is something that always we are in the habit of taking above it is the smartphone, and because of it Scanbot is born, like that you will have a portable scanner in your pocket.

Scanbot is capable of scanning any type of document in any type of surface. Once scanned the file gives you several options, you will be able to share it by e-mail, to stamp it, or to raise it automatically to several services of housing in the cloud as Drop, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Telekom Cloud, WebDAV and Yandex.

The quality of scanning is similar to the physical scanners, offering a quality of 200 dpi, but it is in continuous evolution for what it is sure that increases in future versions. In addition it includes several manners of color, automatic optimization and reduction of borrosidad.

Scanbot is a very useful tool that can extract us of a difficulty in more than one occasion, later we leave a video you where you will be able to see his functioning.

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