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The plot has irregular form with elongated proportion and a width that changes of the 3 to them 4m along his 25m of bottom. It is a question of a traditional construction between dividing placed in the historical set of Santiago, in the rueiro of entry of the French Way.

The abandon of more than thirty years the one that was submitted originated the complete precipice of the cover and all the interior plants. Nevertheless there was kept in good condition the whole factory of walls of double leaf of stone in dividing and fronts, and the elements of hewn stone associated with her, (lareiras, dumps, reenclosure of hollows …).

The intervention recovers the original volume together with all these elements and proposes a new structure of wood. There repeats itself the structural scheme of girders and pontoons on which one arranges a double studding of wood, to which insulating material and mass joins in order to solve the determining ones of thermal and acoustic conditioning without need to resort to false ceilings.

The use of the building is that of a small housing in the highest plant tied to a zone of work that occupies both intermediate plants, and a ground floor segregated for independent business premises.

The stairs is understood as fundamental element of the offer. For regulation, it had to support his original position though not necessarily his development. Having in it counts the narrowness of the plant in this point, is chosen for a stairs of an alone section.

Of entry this decision generates a contradiction in the structural scheme because it would cut the first order of the structure of floor.

This circumstance takes advantage to introduce a vertical element that crosses all the plants and serves to rest, both the different sections of stairs and the pontoons of forged of floor, at the same time as it shapes a closing with different degrees of opening.

There is generated this way a central space about which pivota the functional organization of the different plants that is completed grouping in throne to him the zones of service; storage and humid quarters.

Both in the treatment of the exterior and in the interior there exists the intention of putting in value the preexistences, highlighting his tectonic and material qualities and giving a special attention to the fingerprints accumulated along the useful life of the building.

Work: Rehabilitation of building for housing – study

Authors: Arrokabe arquitectos [Óscar Andrés Quintela, Iván Andrés Quintela]

Location: Rúa de San Pedro. Casco histórico de Santiago de Compostela.Galicia. Spain

Year: 2007 – 2009

Photography: Bernardo Diéguez and Arrokabe Arquitectos


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