Architectural tours in Mexico (documentary series)

Series of videoes of architectural works for that there looks the recognition of the national values doing crossed by some of the most significant spaces of Mexico.

In Architectural Tours of Mexico we have proposed to realize a series of documentary videoes on some architectural specially significant works of Mexico.

The offer is to realize a series of tours that include the most representative historical stages of our country spent by the pre-Hispanic creations, the viceregal ones and the modern ones, from the 18th century to the present day, as well as of natural significant places in our country.

The series appears as an audio-visual experience that explores the diverse own aspects of the architectural works and the spatial experiences that these generate, not only across the configuration of the elements that shape it, but also in the effect that these have in his context. Under this one focus also there are explored the relations that arise between the architecture and other disciplines, as the music, the painting and the literature.

It is evident that in Mexico we can find a great quantity of works and of amazing places, of surprising sites, of deep values and often unsuspected. They are there, in wait of which our sensibility discovers them and recognizes them. On having estimated them we will learn to be proud of his existence and to prospering with his educations. The bet of the project is that, slant of the diffusion of our architectural culture, appraisal, respect and conservation are laid the foundations for his payor.

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