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The neighborhood of La Salut is a peripheral quarter of Badalona, a big council attached to Barcelona. It grew strongly in the 60’s and 70’s with immigration from the south of Spain, and recently strong identity problems have emerged due to a high rate of new immigration from all over the world.

The aim of the intervention is to give identity to the whole area through those two key spaces, giving them presence, providing them with the required functions and reflecting the complexity of the environment.

Presence. The spaces were residual areas. The successive transformations of the neighborhood in social standard, public facilities and infrastructures have given them a new presence. The intervention is a process of “emptying” the space. Where before there was a superimposition of fixed elements (walls, street lamps, stairs, benches, shrubs…) now there is geometry, flows of people.

Formal simplicity. The new squares respond to a great number of circulation flows. We opted to simplify to the maximum the form of the squares, reducing them to inclined planes defined by their triangular limits. Isotropic spaces where itineraries are not prioritised and where free flow is facilitated.

Identity. From the limits of the triangular space an abstract composition is defined by geometry, which reacts to the complexity of the context. A composition of colors that confers character and singularity has been superimposed, red in the case of the Market Square because of the representative character of the building.

Work: Mercat de la Salut Square
Dirección: av/ Marquès de sant mori s/n, Badalona, España
Superficie: 1.000 m2
Presupuesto: 250.000 euros
Project: january-february 2009
Construction start:: may 2009
Construction completion: dicember 2009
Architects: vora arquitectura (Pere Buil Castells – Toni Riba Galí)
Project team: Eva Cotman, Anna Malaguti, Ondrej Fabian
Structure: eskubi-turró (Juan Ignacio Eskubi)
Services: gecsa (Tono Trias)
Budget and quality control: mor arquitectura tècnica (modest mor)
Building coordination architects: vora arquitectura (Toni Riba Galí)
Promoter: ayuntamiento de Badalona
Constructor: acsa-sorigué
Photographs: Adrià Goula
Comunication: Irma Pérez Olivares


European Biennial of Landscape Architecture 2010 Selection

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