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This familiar pantheon has been conceived as a small court protected from the exterior to have an intimate and private space, but opened the sky, to be able to be in touch with the vegetation that surrounds it, the natural light and the fresh air. The construction with habitual and simple materials, as the brick and the stone, has followed criteria of architecture kilometre zero, seeking to reduce his ecological fingerprint.

A pantheon must guard and preserve the memory, but also it should be an intimate place and of concentration, where to be able to come and remember the relatives. With this point of item this project of pantheon appears, shaping a court, a protected area of the exterior but opened the sky to support relation with the vegetation of the environment, the natural light and the fresh air.

A wall of load of massive brick wraps four sides of the plot leaving an access for the principal street. The entry is realized of oblique form across this thick wall, creating a threshold of transition between exterior and interior and leaking the direct vision from out. Once inside, the frontal wall is the one that guards the niches for coffins (ten in total). The cover overturns his two waters inside, making a band opened where it enters the natural light, the rain and the exterior air.

Choice of materials: Arquitectura kilómetro cero

On having made concrete the materials of the pantheon one raised that they were lasting, habitual and easy to obtain and to work. In addition an image of serenity was looked, a difficult balance between the discreet thing and the solemn thing, between the simple thing and the rich thing in shades. The special putting in Ecoproyecta’s value has been to affect in the selection of materials obtained in points near to the place of work, following criteria of architecture kilometre zero.

The brick of the walls and of the pavement makes artesanalmente of Valentín, a people of the zone northwest of the Region of Murcia (Spain) with long tradition of ceramics and that has finished giving name to this type of brick handmade and dried to the Sun.

This does that irregular pieces conform in his form and also in his color, which is translated in a skin by many texture. This skin has been finished off by white mortar, by means of a very thin load, which stops to begin to show to the brick due to the irregularities that this one presents.

The result is that of an ancient wall, something for what seems to have happened the time, it eroding and showing the secret brick.

The marble Macael, proceeding from this locality almeriense near to Murcia, is known by his whiteness interrupted by dark threads. It is in use in this project for forming the tablets of the niches and also for lining part of the interior walls, as well as the low skirts of cover.

Work: Familiar pantheon

Author: Ecoproyecta [Pablo Carbonell Alonso – Juan Miguel Galera Miñarro]

Builder: Vilaria

Year: 2013

Location: Murcia (Spain)

Photography: David Frutos

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