Momentum I. The Ambition of Scale

We live in a global world where, due to hyper connectivity, information is stored without any filter in the global network. But, is there any possibility of going beyond the concept of image as simple visual information? What is the difference between an image, a memory and a postcard? What can we represent through a graphic document?

MOMENTUM arises as a response to a certain environment, where images potential is reduced to a quick and ethereal use that represents basic information. Conceived as a reaction to the insane amount of inputs and images to which we are exposed on the Internet, it proposes to open a new conversation and to go back to carefully selected personal references that will allow to represent a point of view on a certain topic, finding out new ways of thinking.

Momentum. The Ambition of Scale

The first issue, The Ambition of Scale, is the beginning of the search for a connection between the mind and the activities of a person. If societies are represented by their actions and our actions are extensions of our mind, is the architects’ mind present in their architecture? Which are their ambitions? Can we find psychology in the form?

The scale is something else than an arithmetical operation, it is a relation and a proportion between elements that tends to become harmonic. But it is will, and strength as well. When we talk about the scale of architecture we are referring to the ambition of an architect.

What should architects aspire towards in their craft? What should their scale of ambition be?

The following architects have collaborated with this first issue:  Santiago de Molina, Fernando Quesada, José Jaraíz, Pau Soler, Rafael Cubillo, Kike España, Luis Laca, Ricardo Lajara, José Luis Uribe y Francisco García Triviño.

Momentum. The Ambition of Scale o1

Title: Momentum
First Issue: The Ambition of Scale.
Editorial: Alejandro Carrasco y Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán.
City: Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. (España).
Kind of Publication: Six-monthly
Language: Inglés.
ISSN 2531-1662–
In collaboration with: Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos. Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Alcalá. (EAUAH).
Collaborators: Santiago de Molina, José Jaraiz, Kike España, Francisco García Triviño, Luis Ramón Laca, Fernando Quesada, José Luis Uribe, Pau Soler y Ricardo Lajara Olmo.
Publication Date: 29 de Noviembre del 2017.

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