Máster in Advanced Studies of Architectural Projects

The contemporary architecture is meeting submitted in the last years to a process of intensive changes. These situations are the only occasion to open a deep reflection on the occupation of the architect. East Máster places inside the specific field of the architectural projects, tries to advance a response to a company that it needs of a figure different architect’s, where the displacement of his traditional functions goes towards positions where this one is capable of organizing and arranging resources with alternative logics to the employees for other professional branches. The increasing valuation of these capacities in the company, they do that new fields could spread out in his future, but for it it must update his knowledge in his differential field of activity that is that of the architectural projects.

In this sense, the fact of projecting is the real skill that him specializes with regard to other professionals. The value that the formation inside this field has had for generations, since trigger of a series of skills and attitudes, is the key point that this Máster wants to promote. This formation, specific and the only, is the major added value which the new architect has to complement and enrich many of the fields that till now have seen the architect’s trade more as a legal toll than as an opportunity.

The Máster in Architectural Projects is directed the students and to the professionals of the world of the architecture who want to penetrate into his more authentic character, getting up-to-date in the knowledge of new technologies and processes destined for the execution of the architectural project that they have as fundamental object face the new times where to understand the real depth of the architectural contemporary strategies.

Duration and Schedule: From Monday until Thursday from 15.30 to 20.30, from January to July

Modality: 60 % Presencial. 40 % Works of investigation.

Language: Spanish

Number of credits ECTS: 60 credits ECTS

Place of celebration: Campus of Monteprincipe, Boadilla of the Mount, Madrid.

Pupils’ admission: to be able to accede to the program will be a precise being graduated in Architecture or to be experienced at projects of Architecture, Fine arts or licentiates of other creative related fields.

For more Information

e-mail: masterproyectos@ceu.es


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